How Do I Know When My Vehicle is Due for Service?

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Honda drivers may find themselves wondering: “How do I know when my vehicle is due for service?” Luckily, Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is able to alert you to the need for service repairs simply and effectively, and you’ll be able to find them at our Richards Honda Maintenance Center, where you can schedule a service visit with no trouble at all. Read on for the details!

Honda’s Maintenance Minder System

Honda’s Maintenance Minder system displays information about your engine’s oil life in the car’s information display, thereby alerting drivers when their engine is in need of new oil or when other maintenance work is necessary. Basically, your Honda’s onboard computer system will monitor the vehicle’s speed, engine temperature, and amount of vehicle usage in order to determine when its oil life is low. It will then exhibit the amount or your Honda’s oil life on a screen as a percentage, alerting you to the need to schedule a maintenance visit when the percentage reaches 15%.

In this way, your Honda is able to keep track of this vital statistic itself without requiring that you worry about oil levels or other common maintenance issues. Likewise, Maintenance Minder allows your Honda to track your oil levels based on a metric completely unique to your personal driving style. Rather than simply changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you can use Honda’s Maintenance Minder to help determine whether a change is necessary before you reach 3,000, or whether you can wait.

But the Maintenance Minder is not only useful for reminding drivers when they need to replace their oil. It also alerts you to the need for other routine repairs. Just keep your eye out for the Maintenance Minder’s maintenance lights to know when to visit the Richards Honda service center, which offers cabin air filter replacements, wheel alignments, oil filter changes, and more.

Visit Richards Honda Today to Service Your Vehicle!

If your Honda’s Maintenance Minder system is alerting you that your vehicle is in need of service, visit Richards Honda’s Maintenance Department today to complete all the necessary repairs to your vehicle. Located at 13413 Millerville Greens Blvd in Baton Rouge, we can always be reached by phone at (225) 361-8320, or via this online form. Don’t wait until it’s too late: visit Richards Honda today!

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