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A Buyer’s Guide for the 2022 Honda Passport

September 14th, 2022 by

When you’re shopping for a new car like the 2022 Honda Passport, it’s a good idea to start with some research. You’ve come to expect inside-out, top-to-bottom quality from Honda and that’s exactly what this CUV brings to the table. Don’t miss out on the best features of the Honda Passport. Continue reading our model…

Why the 2023 Honda HR-V Should Make Your Shortlist

August 19th, 2022 by

While other automakers live in the past, Honda looks to the road ahead with the 2023 Honda HR-V. You can expect reliable performance, smart features, and flexible cargo space in this CUV. Get a summary of features for the new Honda HR-V in this model overview. Enter the 2023 Honda HR-V Performance The performance benefit…

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Up Close and Personal With the 2022 Honda Accord

July 14th, 2022 by

  Not every car is a game-changer, but then again, not every car is the 2022 Honda Accord. The car stands out by delivering drivers a comfortable ride, stylish design from the inside out, and inspiring performance capabilities. More details are included below in our model overview of the new Honda Accord. A Quick Look…

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Here’s Why We’re Excited About the 2022 Honda HR-V

June 28th, 2022 by
2022 Honda HR-V Overview in Baton Rouge, LA

If you’re the go-anywhere, do-anything type, the 2022 Honda HR-V is the road companion you’ve been looking for. You can find car-like performance, driver assistance features, and versatile interior space when you experience this CUV. Get all the key details on the Honda HR-V in this model overview. 2022 Honda HR-V Highlights Performance Expect the…

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Why the 2022 Honda CR-V Should Make Your Shortlist

May 25th, 2022 by

  There is no shortage of options in the CUV segment, but none of the choices surpass the value of the 2022 Honda CR-V. Finding weaknesses is no easy chore when you’re looking at this CUV. Looking for the scoop on the new CR-V? Keep reading this overview. This Is the 2022 Honda CR-V Performance…

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What You Can Expect in the 2022 Honda Odyssey

May 23rd, 2022 by

  It doesn’t get anymore modern than a minivan, and the 2022 Honda Odyssey is as cutting-edge as they come. Mile after mile, this minivan delivers a driving experience that makes you remember why you fell in love with the road in the first place. To hear the full story on the new Odyssey, continue…

Getting the Most Out of Your Honda: Towing and Top Racks

April 29th, 2022 by

Honda trucks can be towing powerhouses, making it easy for you to transport a wide range of items from one place to the next. This is true of a Honda that you drive straight off the showroom floor, but in order to really maximize your truck’s towing or hauling potential, it’s also smart to invest…

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Common Car Part Wear and Tear

March 30th, 2022 by

Your car features a wide range of parts and components, all of which work in tandem to get you safely and soundly from Point A to Point B. Of course, time and use can cause these parts to become worn down, and ultimately to require replacement. You may choose to replace these parts on your…

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Routine Maintenance: Brake Pads and You

February 25th, 2022 by

Routine maintenance is a critical part of vehicle ownership. You need to service your car on a regular basis to ensure that all of its components are in good working order. Routine maintenance includes everything from oil changes to tire rotations, and much more. By ensuring these tasks are completed at regular intervals, you can…

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Introducing the 2022 Honda Insight

September 14th, 2021 by

  The 2022 Honda Insight successfully provides drivers with a car that’s as fun as it is functional. Honda uses an ambitious design as the anchor for a car that delivers a smooth, comfortable ride. Discover the ins and outs of the new Honda Insight here in our model overview. 2022 Honda Insight Feature Breakdown…

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