Reinventing the Wheel: the 2016 Honda Accord Boasts an Array of Stunning New Accessories

March 16th, 2016 by
2016 Honda Accord with X-Package II
2016 Honda Accord Fog Lights - LED
2016 Honda Accord Wireless Phone Charger
2016 Honda Accord Back-up Sensors


If you thought the 2016 Honda Accord couldn’t get any better, think again: the season’s hottest new vehicle also comes with a range of interior, exterior, and electronic accessories, and they’re all available at Richards Honda. Here’s just a taste of what Honda is offering:

  • Chrome-Look and Diamond-Cut Wheels – Just when you thought the 2016 Honda Accord couldn’t get any more luxurious, Honda put together this collection of wheel upgrades. Choose from 17-inch Chrome-Look Alloy wheels ($1596), 18-inch Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels ($2185), 19-inch Chrome-Look Alloy wheels ($2240), and 19-inch Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels ($1396).
  • LED Fog Lights ($439) – Precision optics design enhances the efficacy of these lights, which add visibility in snow, rain, and fog.
  • Interior Illumination ($125) – Working in tandem with the Honda Civic’s general lighting system, these interior LED lights illuminate the driver and passenger footwells with a soft blue glow.
  • Wireless Phone Charger ($290) – Forego that cumbersome cord and forget about your adapter with this phone charger, which is compatible with smartphones, cellphones, and all devices compliant with the Qi wireless power interface standard.
  • Back-Up Sensors ($614) – The addition of these four sensors warn you with an audible beep when you near another vehicle, wall, or large object.

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We invite you to visit our Richards Honda dealership at 7791 Florida Blvd. in Baton Rouge to see in person what these upgrades look like—or give us a call at 225-361-8320 to discuss what’s available.

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