Repel Paint Protection


Protect Your Investment.


What is Repel Paint Protection?

First Place Finish Repel Paint Protection is an innovative exterior appearance protection product. It fights against:

✔️ Road Salts

✔️ Bird Droppings

✔️ Fading

✔️ Oxidation

✔️ Acid Rain

✔️ Hard Water

✔️ Sun Damage

✔️ Insect Damage


First Place Finish Repel protects your investment from the harmful effects of the environment. The system provides you with superior protection and coverage for your vehicle through:

✔️ Cutting-Edge Technology

✔️ Super-Hydrophobic

✔️ Protects Vehicle’s Exterior Against Outdoor Elements

✔️ Chemically Bonds To Your Vehicle’s Paint

✔️ Can Be Installed On Any Exterior Surface

✔️ Extremely Durable

✔️ Easy Application

*Restrictions apply, see dealership for complete details.