Technology Features in the 2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda Accord

Yes, the 2016 Honda Accord is one seriously high-performing vehicle, with a choice of engines and a range of eco-friendly options. But you already know that. You also probably know that the Accord comes embedded with a number of safety devices and systems designed to keep you as protected as possible on the road. But here’s the thing: the new Honda Accord is also technologically sophisticated, giving drivers a range of information and entertainment technologies, which include Apple CarPlay, an AM/FM Radio Seek System, Steering-Wheel-Mounted Controls, Automatic Climate Control, and a Remote Trunk and Tailgate Release system. Let’s explore each of these in some detail.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay provides you and your passengers with the power to plug your iPhone directly into your Accord, which means that you’ll be able play your own music, access your own apps, and use your own maps as well.

A 4-speaker AM/FM/CD Radio Seek System

Use the Radio Seek System for access to high-quality radio selections, or pop in an old mixed CD in its AM/FM/CD system for a journey through the past.

Steering-Wheel-Mounted Controls

Steering-Wheel-Mounted Controls

And while you’re operating these systems, you won’t have to worry about endangering yourself, because the Accord gives you steering-wheel-mounted controls, which allow you to make track selections and adjust your music’s volume without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Automatic Climate Control

With Automatic Climate Control, you’ll be able to keep cool, warm, or whatever you want, no matter the season.

A Remote Trunk and Tailgate Release System

This system is perfect if you’re a parent or you often find yourself moving luggage or cargo to or from your Accord. Activate the tailgate release system remotely, and you won’t ever have to put down whatever it is that you’re carrying to open the trunk.

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